Welcome to the Grand Blades (VR) WikiEdit

Design of a world, what runs it, and how to interact with it.

(I plan to build a VR Game world creation software that can expand beyond what we can interact with as of now. One day we can all Dive in and meet in this world)

The GameEdit

These pages will be about game data and interactions. This game has no player source magic and only Items will be able to do direct magic, Players will use physical skills to interact with the world.

The SoftwareEdit

This will have each of the pages describing what needs to be done software wise and have parts of the software i've built or found for it.

The HardwareEdit

This will have pages showing what hardware there is that is close to or part of the developement of the headset.

Latest activityEdit

Interesting LinksEdit (View Basics for a helmet by Oculus) (Sony Version headset viewer) (Open Source Software to program for EEG headsets) (Cheap Headset) (Avatar Motion Control, I also think the design in closer to what a VR helmet needs) (This is what will turn into "Visual Input") (Where to start learning about Mind interfaces) (EEG Research) (People working on Interfaces) (This is the point, a description) (Just something neat) (Seasteads, life colonies testing structures of living)

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